24 October, 2006


Firefox2 is officialy out.

I put a nice button on the left, and another one in this post.

Firefox 2

Featured on Download Squad

Download Squad also posted story about OpenPandora.


23 October, 2006

Version 0.6.6 is out

Version 0.6.6 is out of beta.

There are no changes from the last beta.

- Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change stations
- Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Ctrl+Win+Q: Switch station to QuickMix
- Mini Player
- Remember location for next run
- Show Last.fm avatar
- New version and new beta version announcer
- Send song information to Xfire

More info about this version can be found in the posts about the 0.6.6 betas.

Enjoy your music.

Featured on gHacks

gHacks just posted a story about OpenPandora.


20 October, 2006

Beta4 Welcomes Gamers With Xfire Support

Download the new beta from the same location.

Besides some minor fixes, this beta adds support for Xfire.
Just as with Microsoft Messenger, OpenPandora will update your message in Xfire with the current track information.

This beta will also tests new beta announcer.
Please report about any problems.

19 October, 2006

Beta Announcer Update

There is a bug in beta announcer. When new beta will be ready it will start downloading the latest stable version instead of the beta.

If you have downloaded beta3 and the file name was OpenPandora_0.6.6.zip you should downlaod the beta again, so the file name will be OpenPandoraBeta.zip and install it.
If you downloaded beta as OpenPandoraBeta.zip, everything is fine.

18 October, 2006

Beta3 of version 0.6.6

Download the new beta from the same location.

Some new features in this beta:
- Pressing Alt+F4 or Close key in multimedia keyboard will act as pressing on the X button. So if Close button in OpenPandora minimizes to tray pressing Alt+F4 will do the same. Same when Close button in OpenPandora is not visible
- Smaller executable
- New global keyboard shortcut. Pressing Ctrl+Win+Q will change station to QuickMix
- Title will show tooltip if the text is too long
- New announcer on new version and new beta version. If new version is available a message box will be shown that will start the download if you hit Ok. Same if you are using a beta version and there is a newer beta.

17 October, 2006

Beta2 for 0.6.6

Download beta2 from the same location.

Some updates and fixes:
- Better response for global shortcuts
- New Mini Player look
- Always on top in Mini Player
- Showing settings stops Mini Player

New features:
- Remember location for next run
- Show your Last.fm avatar in settings. After changing Last.fm user you should apply or save in order to refresh the avatar
- Show in title what station is going to be played next. Usefull when changing station with global shortcuts

Previous features:
- New global shortcuts
    Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change station
    Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Support for QuickMix

16 October, 2006

New Beta Version

New beta is ready.

- New global shortcuts:
    Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change station
    Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Support for QuickMix.
- MiniPlayer

14 October, 2006

Version 0.6.5 - Moving to new API

New veresion 0.6.5 works with the new Pandora API.

Some changes in global shortcuts:
Ctrl+Win+Plus : I like it (instead of Up)
Ctrl+Win+Minus : I Don't like it (instead of Down)
Ctrl+Win+Up : Volume up
Ctrl+Win+Down : Volume down

QuickMix is not reflected yet.

Please wait for the next release for some real updates.

New Pandora version - new API

Many have noticed that the new API disabled many of the OpenPandora functions.
I'm working to fix this. New version will come soon.

13 October, 2006

New Pandora features

Pandora just announced a bunch of new features.

QuickMix will allow you to select stations you want to mix together. While playing QuickMix the station that contributed current track will be marked with orange border and the stations list will scroll to make it visible. It is even possible to send the mix via email.

"Move this song" feature will allow you to move the song you like, but you think that it should be in another station, to that station. This option is not visible while you are in QuickMix. Bug? After all you do know its station.

Finally you can sort stations alphabetically in addition to order you created them. Next step is to be able to group station, like OpenPandora does with shared and your own stations.

10 October, 2006

Version 0.6.4

Version 0.6.4 is out of beta.

Better performance and new proxy settings.
Global shortcuts and popup tray notification balloon.

More details about this version in the previous posts.

Enjoy your music.

05 October, 2006

Beta2 for 0.6.4

New beta of version 0.6.4 is ready:

Some problems that where found by the beta testers are fixed.
Thanks guys.

Also there is a new feature - Global Shortcuts:
Ctrl+Win+Space: Toggle Play / Pause
Ctrl+Win+Right: Skip to the Next Song
Ctrl+Win+Up : I Like this Song
Ctrl+Win+Down : I Don't Like this Song
Go to settings to enable the global shortcuts.

The site was updated too. New Help page was added. It is actually a F.A.Q. and already contains some beta questions.

03 October, 2006

Beta 0.6.4

This beta presents almost no new features, but mostly better performance.

Better (don't confuse with beta) performance required to change how the proxy is treated. Beta testers that have a proxy may need to set it manually. You will know that you have to set the proxy, when the station menu is empty. However, most proxies will be auto detected from Internet Explorer.

The start up is quicker, less memory is used, and in general you should feel that OpenPandora is "lighter".

The only new feature (for now) is a popup tray notification with balloon.

Please report if you have any issues to openpandora@gmail.com.