03 October, 2006

Beta 0.6.4

This beta presents almost no new features, but mostly better performance.

Better (don't confuse with beta) performance required to change how the proxy is treated. Beta testers that have a proxy may need to set it manually. You will know that you have to set the proxy, when the station menu is empty. However, most proxies will be auto detected from Internet Explorer.

The start up is quicker, less memory is used, and in general you should feel that OpenPandora is "lighter".

The only new feature (for now) is a popup tray notification with balloon.

Please report if you have any issues to openpandora@gmail.com.


podious said...

Nice! I really like the tray pop-up and lower memory usage. Thanks for the wonderful work you've done with this program!

adoram said...

Hey, great work!
One comment for this beta version: the title of the window doesn't always change with the song, sometimes it loses sync, especially if you choose "I don't like it" or "Skip".
I've also seen it happen with regular song advance.
I love the tray popup.

Anonymous said...

less memory is used!?!?

i haven't paid attention to memory use in previous versions, but now i see that openpandora uses about 97.000 K.

sweef said...

Version 0.6.3 used a bit more memory than 0.6.1. I'm talking about the memory used on application startup (the first track starts).

The memory will constantly grow:
Pandora keeps the record of all played tracks (skipped too) in all your stations with the album art and some other data.
The next track is downloaded in the background (may be even for other stations too) and kept in the memory. But finished track is dropped from the memory.

Felonymous said...

Wow. You come up with a new version every other day and keep improving on an already great program. Keep up the good work!