29 November, 2006

Version 0.6.7 beta 1

As promised, new beta is here

Change list:
- Fixed stuck on loading bug
- Small(er) memory footprint
- Fixed starting Xfire on exit bug
- Fixed Pandora radio misplaced bug with IE7
- Fixed some other minor bugs
- Open settings in new window
- Remember Mini Player location
- Shadow under the player window and animated minimize

Added "Small(er) memory footprint".

28 November, 2006

New beta is coming

New beta will be shipped soon, with bugfixes and minor changes.
Major changes and new features will be available in later beta.

New developer joined the team: Dirk Rettschlag.

The beta is released under GNU General Public License 2.
The source is hosted in Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/openpandora

23 November, 2006

Known problem: Stuck on loading

There is a known that happens once in while, that OpenPandora stuck on loading.

Not all the times that it seems to stuck it is really stuck. It just takes longer than usual to load. But there are those times that it is really stuck. Current solution is to restart the application.

The problem is not neglected and the solution is in the progress.

UPDATE: The poblem is fixed starting first beta of version 0.6.7