10 October, 2006

Version 0.6.4

Version 0.6.4 is out of beta.

Better performance and new proxy settings.
Global shortcuts and popup tray notification balloon.

More details about this version in the previous posts.

Enjoy your music.


podious said...

Did anything change since the last 0.6.4 beta release? Thanks again!

sweef said...

Some bug fixes and one change in installer (provide more help to download .net framework if missing).

I advise to use the official 0.6.4 release.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool, but for some reason whenever I go in to edit the settings, I can't apply, or even close, the settings window. There are no buttons with which to apply or cancel, just different check boxes for the settings themselves. Any ideas?

sweef said...

What is your screen resolution?
Can you send screenshot to openpandora@gmail.com?

Apurva said...

Could you please add a check so that the installer warns the user if OpenPandora is still running -or- automatically closes it.

sweef said...

Thanks for finding this.

Danny said...

0.6.4 is fantastic! Keep up the great work! :D

Danny said...

What does the "info bubble" do? Doesn't seem to be working on mine, at least.

adoram said...

"Info Bubble" pops a small baloon over the system tray icon whenever a new song starts.

Anonymous said...

What a great tool, I was looking for something like this... :)

Works very well, but,
I sometimes have problems loading pandora, the program starts and nothing is happening at all.
After I manually browse to pandora.com with firefox and refresh the openpandora content, it finally starts to load.
As this can be found in the faq I'm not sure whether its a bug or a feature :)

keep up the great work!

sweef said...

Refresh in OpenPandora is enough.
I also have this (very rare), but if I have time to wait it starts loading eventually

Danny said...

Yes. the "bubble" does not appear for me at all :/

Erling said...

Open Pandora is the new loud. I use it all the time. Thank you so much for the time spent on development. :-D

Anonymous said...

For some reason or another, it still says "OpenPandora: ~~~ New version is available ~~~" in the titlebar, although I am running

Marc said...

Yeah! Great tool!!! Amazing.

Just one remark: I don't see my songs in Live Messenger. Though "What I'm listening to" is turned on.
Could it be because of Firefox?

adoram said...

I second the latest reports:

1. The title either shows: "~~~ New version is available ~~~" or just "OpenPandora". The artist-song do not appear anymore.
2. The "Info Bubble" stopped working, probably because of #1.

I'm using the latest release.

Anonymous said... will not work with last.fm anymore. When I first installed 0.6.4, it worked just fine. I'm also getting the '~~~ New version is available ~~~' thing.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

After I installed some softwares, the 0.6.3 won't work any more. It just stopped at the loading personal information stage and the computer was stuck.
Then I found 0.6.4 cannot pass the info to live messager....And it worked in 0.6.3 before that strange thing happened.

OS:Windows XP Pro XP2 Chinese Simp.