29 June, 2006

Version 0.4.1

This is minor update with huge size reduction.

The new installer was significantly improved. The size was cut in half and many must features were added.

The application was only sligty updated. New menu 'About' was added. It shows the version for 5 seconds in the title bar.

20 June, 2006

New installer

In version 0.4, I have changed the installer. The older installers required Open Pandora to be uninstalled first so the new version could be correctly installed.

Please inform about any problems with the installation.

Integration with Microsoft Messenger

New version 4.0 of Open Pandora is ready, and it has integration with Microsoft Messenger.

You can enable sending played song information to Microsoft Messenger. Song information will be displayed in the Messenger just as it displayed in the title bar.

Another feature is that now links can be opened not only in Internet Explorer but if you choose they can be opened in the default browser, like Firefox.

Both features can be enabled and disabled from the Options in the context menu. You can open context menu from the title bar or tray icon.

11 June, 2006

Updated version 0.3.6b

Pandora changed the look of their menus and that affected Open Pandora. Download updated version 0.3.6b to take full adventage of the changes in Pandora.

Update: You might need to manually uninstall previous version.