27 January, 2007

New beta version

New beta version is ready.

Change log:
- Ctrl+Win+Enter: Display again song notification window
- Fixed not loading on non XP machines
- Allow to disable new version popup
- Fixed not reflecting pausing in title and tray icon tooltip
- Fixed Setting, About and Notification windows visible with Alt+Tab
- Settings window centered to main window

20 January, 2007

Version 0.6.7 - Stealing focus problem solved

The new notification window was stealing focus for some of the users.
The problem is solved. Simply download and install again OpenPandora.

After adding additional small fixes a new version will be released.

17 January, 2007

OpenPandora with Wii(mote)

I never thought I would say Wii and OpenPandora in the same sentence, but one OpenPandora user made this happen.

Get Infinite Storage - Get Dropbox

brandon_r87 created GlovePIE script for controlling OpenPandora with Wiimote.
Besides Wiimote, you will also need Bluetooth enabled computer.


12 January, 2007

Version 0.6.7 is out

New official release of OpenPandora version 0.6.7 is out.

The last addition to the release notes was fixing of 120DPI bug. The fix doesn't solve all the problems with high DPI (e.g. notification window), but I can assure that the work continues. The fix was actually more of a hack to avoid some problematic behavior with .NET Forms (one can even say a bug).

This version took more than two months, but it has the longest list of release notes. I hope that next releases will take less time.

Heading to version 0.7 I can tell about some of the planned changes and additions:
- Plugin API
- Compliance with Pandora license
- Full support of high DPI
- Complete rewrite of MiniPlayer and introduction of MicroPlayer
- Many other enhancements and bug fixes

The project is now licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0 and hosted by Google Code, so you can track development with Issues List.

If you want to help in development or just curios, grab the source.

Open your music and enjoy it.

UPDATE: Fixed downloading previous version from new version available message
UPDATE 2: Fixed bug with the new notificatin window on non Windows XP computers. Version updated to .
UPDATE 3: Added setting to show notification window as classic balloon. Allow user to disable new version message box. Title will continue to show new version message on startup. New download, same version.

10 January, 2007

Pandora audio ads

Recently Pandora added audio ads. The first "angry" comment about this was on January 04, 2007.

More about this and a chat with Pandora CTO here.