09 July, 2006

Quick fix for the problem

After latest changes from Pandora and the remote fix, there is new installer version 0.4.2 . I suspect there might be some other problems and I will address them later.

07 July, 2006

Pandora changes mini player location

Pandora made a change with the name of the link of the mini player, and this affected Open Pandora. I'm trying to solve the problem remotly, but only a new build will solve the problem completly. I hope to make it done in the next 48 hours.

06 July, 2006

Pandora and Internet Explorer 7 (continued)

During Martch Microsoft released another build of IE7 (build 5335). After installing this build Pandora stopped to play music. Read my post.

Today I have installed beta 3 of IE7 (build 5450) and the music returned. I don't know whether Pandora developers fixed the problem earlier or I should "blame" Microsoft for this.

But now I can proudly inform that Open Pandora is compatible with Microsoft IE7 beta 3.

03 July, 2006

Installer silent update

Some antivirus programs reported the installer as a trojan.
If you have this problem you can download the updated version of the installer.