05 October, 2006

Beta2 for 0.6.4

New beta of version 0.6.4 is ready:

Some problems that where found by the beta testers are fixed.
Thanks guys.

Also there is a new feature - Global Shortcuts:
Ctrl+Win+Space: Toggle Play / Pause
Ctrl+Win+Right: Skip to the Next Song
Ctrl+Win+Up : I Like this Song
Ctrl+Win+Down : I Don't Like this Song
Go to settings to enable the global shortcuts.

The site was updated too. New Help page was added. It is actually a F.A.Q. and already contains some beta questions.


adoram said...

Two comments about this version:

1. Sometimes, not consistently, the program starts with 8 debugger prompts.
2. When #1 happens, the player opens and plays, but instead of seeing the player, you see the top of the pandora.com homepage.

Other than that, it's great, and I love the keyboard shortcuts.

Two enhancements to add to the wish list:

1. Option to minimize the player. Most of the time I don't minimize it to the tray. It's nice to see the artist-title in the task bar, but I prefer it being minimized.

2. Add an option to scroll the artist-title in the task bar (like winamp)

Just my thoughts. Thanks for you work.


sweef said...

Can you try to debug (click yes on debugger message) to see what script makes the errors.

Did you mean mini-player in the first enhancement?

Scrolling? Why not.

Anonymous said...

Hey There,

A friend recommended Pandora to me, but I was dissapointed by the way there was no global hotkeys option, so this is a god send, thanks.

Couple of little things I would love to see though, if possible:

1. Being able to customize the hotkeys.
2. Add volume up and down by hotkey, this is particularly useful when I am gaming as I like to be able to adjust the volume in relation to my games volume on the fly if need be.

Even without those two features this is still 100% awesome and better than any alternative I have found.

Many Thanks for your efforts thus far,


adoram said...


OpenPandora *is* the mini-player, right?
Well, I meant minimizing it so it's not cluttering my desktop all the time, for example, after minimizing all the windows and then restoring just one of them (an operation that I do a lot, as I have at least 15-20 windows open at all times).

I will let you know about the debug places.

Thanks again.


sweef said...

Did you mean: keep in taskbar when minimized?

About the error messages: Do you have them with 0.6.4 released version?
If so, some debug info about them would be nice.


adoram said...

Yes, I meant keep in the task bar when minimized. Well, have it both ways, minimize AND minimize to the tray (a lot of programs have this functionality now).

adoram said...

About the debugger messages:
They happen in 0.6.4, too.
Here they are:

1. onTunerEvent('hasLoggedIn');onTunerEvent('userAuthChanged', 'http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Epandora%2Ecom%2Fpeople%2Fpandora%5Far', '%25604zIJb78naJjOvzzTVBJeGiQE6zywTPRr');onTunerEvent('adStateChange', '1', '40', '0');

2. onTunerEvent('stationChange', '149802012553076317');onTunerEvent('userInteraction', 'changeStation');

3. onTunerEvent('songPlayed', 'S157015');

onTunerEvent is undefined in all of them.

Sometimes I get 4 to 8 of these.
Today, with 0.6.4, just 2 of them.

Thanks for all your help and great work.