16 October, 2006

New Beta Version

New beta is ready.

- New global shortcuts:
    Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change station
    Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Support for QuickMix.
- MiniPlayer


adoram said...

Bug report for this beta:
1. Right-click on the systray icon, clicking on play or pause does nothing.
2. In Settings | Control, clicking on the question mark next to "Global Shortcuts" causes a corrupted display that does not recover anymore. The music continues, but can't do anything, even the systray right click opens and closes immediately.

That's it for now.

sweef said...

I don't have this behavior.
Are you able to reproduce?

adoram said...

I can reproduce it only in this order: #2 first and then #1 happens.

The corrupted display "fixes" itself after about 2 minutes, and error #1 disappears.

Sorry about that.

halnine said...

Just tried the beta.
Title doesn't update. Refresh doesn't change. Restarting the app doesn't, either.
No title change>no mini player>no lastFM submission >> :(

halnine said...

okay. Scratch my previous comment.
Restarted my PC and title got fixed.

But now..

1. "Right-click on the systray icon, clicking on play or pause does nothing." Neither does "Like" "skip" etc.
Funnily enough, "change station does work.

2. "QuickMix Support" is simply the separator in the stations list. It was there in ver.0.6.5, only without the separator. I see no other functionality in the interface for that.

3. "MiniPlayer" just shows a 1/2 size title. The drawbacks, however, are that:

a. "Always On Top" should automatically be applied while in this mode.

b. "Settings" do not open in MiniPlayer mode. Since apparantly this function simply resizes the window, it's there but hidden.

c. I'd expect an optional "hover" effect on the miniplayer, automatically enabling you to show the whole window if title ("miniplayer") is touched by mouse. Sort of like an auto-hide thingy.

4. "Focus on Pandora Radio" - doesn't work when window is hidden in tray.

in short - waiting for beta #2.
Sorry about all that.

sweef said...

I tried #2 and then #1. Still nothing. What is your default browser?


1. I'll add more logging about this.

2. "QuickMix Support" - now it actually works when you click it (Otherwise it would add you some shared station).

3. "MiniPlayer":

a. "Always On Top" - ok.

b. "Settings" - for now I'll stop MiniPlayer mode.

c. "Hover effect" - for now option in settings.

4. "Focus on Pandora Radio" - This is for fixing corrupted view. It simply relocates radio if loaded without focusing on the radio (corrupted view). Did you have corrupted view and when minimized it didn't fix?

What about the size of MiniPlayer?

In beta2 I'll add play/pause and skip buttons and some other features.

adoram said...


My default browser is Firefox on Windows XP.

sweef said...

Try the new beta. I my self have the same config with no such problems.