17 October, 2006

Beta2 for 0.6.6

Download beta2 from the same location.

Some updates and fixes:
- Better response for global shortcuts
- New Mini Player look
- Always on top in Mini Player
- Showing settings stops Mini Player

New features:
- Remember location for next run
- Show your Last.fm avatar in settings. After changing Last.fm user you should apply or save in order to refresh the avatar
- Show in title what station is going to be played next. Usefull when changing station with global shortcuts

Previous features:
- New global shortcuts
    Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change station
    Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Support for QuickMix


halnine said...

1. Title updates are still somewhat problematic

2. Window size bug - can't say way or when, but at times the window size adds a horizontal feed and/or some headroom at the bottom.

3. Popup baloon doesn't work?

halnine said...

MiniPlayer works ok now. But I'd suggest you remove the taskbar icon when it's on as well.

halnine said...

Really sorry for spamming. If I could only edit my comments...

'kay: popup baloon works 80% of the time.

Double clicking MiniPlayer should restore original window size. Currently it just behaves like the window would (tray).

Found out how to recreate the headspace issue: go in and out of MiniPlayer mode..


sweef said...

Thanks halnine.
Can you send me a screenshot?

sweef said...

Now I get it too. No screenshot is needed.