23 October, 2006

Version 0.6.6 is out

Version 0.6.6 is out of beta.

There are no changes from the last beta.

- Ctrl+Win+PgUp/PgDn: Change stations
- Ctrl+Win+Home: Show/Hide the window
- Ctrl+Win+Q: Switch station to QuickMix
- Mini Player
- Remember location for next run
- Show Last.fm avatar
- New version and new beta version announcer
- Send song information to Xfire

More info about this version can be found in the posts about the 0.6.6 betas.

Enjoy your music.


John said...

When do you plan to release source? I'm sure a lot of us would love to add new features

sweef said...

I hope before december.
I have some refactorings to do, add comments, and some interfaces, so it would be easier to add new features.

The code probably will be hosted in Google Code.

John said...

I wish it were sooner than December (you would have gotten this response with any timeframe later than yesterday ;). I'm eagerly awaiting the source. Keep up the good work.

sweef said...

If want some specific feature tell me now, and I'll see how you can contribute.
All help is welcomed.

Daesh said...

I'm having some problems with version 0.6.6 formatting itself incorrectly.

It's leaving a bar at the right side which doesn't allow me to see the stations on the left. Also there is a scroll bar to scroll up and down.

The problem affects the mini player as well. I've reverted to version 0.6.5 and there is no problem.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?


sweef said...

Try to delete the OpenPandora.config.
It can be found in the directory OpenPandora was installed , like c:\program files\openpandora\ .

Daesh said...

Didn't fix the problem unfortunately.

It looks like this http://www.midnightphotos.co.uk/userimages/full/14/5888.jpg

Anonymous said...

For the next version the memory management could be one thing to look at. Just loading OpenPandora uses about 85Mb of memory and the amount increases all the time.

sweef said...

The memory bahaves the same way when you play Pandora in IE browser window.

Pandora preloads next song (probabaly for all stations after a while) and keeps data about played songs for all stations (about 25 entries for a station).

sweef said...

If the Pandora's radio flash is not focused after loading use:
Tools->Focus on Pandora radio

Eric said...

I'm having the same problem as daesh. I just sent you an email with the screen shot attached. Let me know if there's any other info I can send.

John said...

The first thing I'd add is auto hiding the tray notification balloons (they stay until closed for me). After that, I'd add the ability to control from an HTML page (active desktop or other locally hosted/executed page) because the current app is not at all "touchscreen friendly" (I'm sure this is a fairly specialized request so it made more sense for me to try and get source and implement it ;)

btw, I'm having no problems with

sweef said...


The autohiding is a windows setting, and is default for 10 seconds, but it can be changed (in registry, I'll search for it)

The HTML request can be done very quickly. Send me an email, and i'll send you some info how to do this. No code is required, only html.

Daesh said...

Yeah having the notification balloons close sooner would be something I'd appreciate too.

sweef said...

The problem with radio shifting to the left (check for Daesh comments) is because of using 120dpi.

New version will fix this problem.

Daesh said...

Cool, thanks Sweef!

Rabbit said...

I love this prog, but I still can't seem to get hotkeys to work. Is anyone else still having this problem?

Rabbit said...

Woops, They do work except not for the pagup/dn for changing stations..

nuttterguy said...

This is excellent. A friend of mine published the other app for pandora called "Pandora's Box" which worked ok but this, this is such an improvement!
I use X-fire, last-fm and messenger on Vista and it is working excellently. Especially like the mini-player.
One thing that would be good though, in the messenger/x-fire song title an option to put the text "* on Pandora" after the song title.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for a great program.
You wanted to know what I'd appreciate. First it would be great if it was portable: http://www.portablefreeware.com/
And I would love to have the songs with id tags in a tmp file: http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=828&start=0

Anonymous said...

Every time I leave the OpenPandora application (0.6.6), by any method, X-Fire opens. It's pretty irritating. I'm running Windows XP SP2 with Mozilla Firefox 2.0.

Except for this bug, I really like the new version.

sveno said...

Hi sweef,

Im having those debugger windows again when it loads and when it changes stations and tracks :/

mkanet said...

Bug report for version

Global Hotkeys do NOT work at all:


I believe this is reproducible problem since below user "Rabbit" can also reproduce this.

Also, PLEASE, please consider adding hotkeys for direct access to top 6 Radio Stations. This is very useful for people who control Pandora with a remote control.

Ctrl+Win+1 (Station 1)
Ctrl+Win+2 (Station 2)
Ctrl+Win+3 (Station 3)
Ctrl+Win+4 (Station 4)
Ctrl+Win+5 (Station 5)
Ctrl+Win+6 (Station 6)

sweef said...

Replying to comments:

Saving songs to file will break the license that Pandora is using. Even some music players manufactures removing the option to record radio.

X-Fire windows open on exit probably because you enabled sending to xfire and it is not running. I'll try to prevent this.

Global shortcuts for stations, do work but it takes several seconds to take affect. Also what could happen is that all shortcuts are not working: try ctrl+win+space to check. I'm working on this, meanwhile exit and start again.

Tom S said...

Two questions/problems:

1. switch stations from the system tray-right click open's a browser window and loads pandora instead of affecting the openpandora app.

2. what is pop-up notifications supposed to do, because I have it turned on and nothing happens (no song titles popping up or anything).



Anonymous said...

Anyone else having the problem that it just sits there at "Please wait, Pandora is loading?"

sweef said...

"Loading" can take sometimes a lot more time when using embedded browser (may be some checks by antivirus), but also it may never start loading. I'm working to fix this problem.

Tom, send me your system info to openpandora@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bug where Xfire opens every time Pandora closes:

Thanks for the suggestion, but "Send song info to Xfire" is turned off. What information can I provide to help you reproduce this bug?

Anonymous said...

Do you intend to add a Global Shortcut for to change the stations (ie. "Channel Up" and "Channel Down")? It would be greatly appreciated.

sweef said...

To change stations use ctrl+win+pgup/pgdn or ctrl+win+q for quickmix

Theo said...

I am having problems with posting the songs played to my Last.fm profile. Is there any way I can see in some sort of logfile what OpenPandora is doing so I can solve the problems I have? I've been looking for logs but was not able to find any.

sweef said...

Download DebugView from http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/DebugView.mspx
Run it.
Run OpenPandora.
Send me the output after several tracks have completed.

Theo said...

Thanks for the link to DebugView. This evening everything worked fine with Last.fm. If I see something odd in the DebugView logs, I'll send them over to you.

OpenPandora rules!!

Glenn Dixon said...

I am also experiencing a freeze most times I open this app "please wait, Pandora is loading" - Windows XP Home Edition, SP2 - AMD Sempron - 1 GB RAM

Matt said...

sweef, I've sent you an email detailing a few features i think would be great.

Additionally, it would be cool if you made a feature that was like a super track skip where it changed to your first station, then back to whatever station you were playing. Not sure if this is possible. If not, simply having it a "quickmix super track skip" and having it go from your first station back to the quickmix would be great.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that Version 0.6.6's Ctrl+Win+PageUP Ctrl+Win+PageDown global hotkeys are broken or not? They don't work for me at all on both of my PC's.

I am able to use all hotkeys except for those two. I was able to use all hotkeys in a previous beta.

Anonymous said...

Also getting the freezing on loading it. I tried deleting temporary internet files and that helped atleast this time. Vista RC2

sweef said...

Are you able to change the stations from the context menu?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have no problems changing stations from the openpandora system tray icon (right click system tray icon, Stations/User station)

For some reason Openpandora is not able to receive control-win-Pageup and control-win-pagedown) from Windows system. It used to work in beta release of 0.6.6.

openpandora CAN accept all other globalhotkeys.. including quickmix.

Are you able to change the stations from the context menu?

Glenn Dixon said...

NOW OpenPandora is just crashing every time I try to open it "OpenPandora has encountered a problem" blah blah blah

I'm about ready to ditch this app and just go back to running it out of my browser....

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I've just installed the new version and OpenPandora has now ceased to function on my computer. I open the program, see the 'Please wait, pandora is loading' screen and then nothing happens.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, with and without rebooting in between, but the program just doesn't work anymore. Any idea what's wrong?

Anonymous said...

Er, my bad. For that last Anonymous post: XP SP2, Pentium 4 3ghz, 2gb ram

Anonymous said...

Pandoras Box at http://www.cfdan.com is way better and more reliable me thinks. None of these issues seem to happen running that.

sweef said...

The next version will be an open source version, so more developers will help in building the application. This will help to make OpenPandora better and more reliable.

Anonymous said...

outstanding tool. great interface.

i'm sorry that i see no request like: "how can we contribute - paypal or anything ?".

great stuff guys. thanks !

Anonymous said...

I wish to have embedded radio in my website.

Is there anyway I can use this program or with any other method as an embedded code in my website?