11 April, 2006

Play time progress bar

You might noticed or not, but Pandora added play time progress bar below the current track's album art. Just look at the screen shot from the previous post. It's tiny, only 2 pixels width and I like it.

Options and Minimize button

Display options and minimize button were added in the last release.

Now you can choose to show or hide the Close button and whether it minimizes to tray or exits Open Pandora. When Close button exits, the Minimize button is visible.


06 April, 2006

Close Button

After some complaints about missing Close button it was added. The new version 0.3.4 is available for download.

The reason I didn't include the Close button in the first place, is that I always pause the player and almost never close it.

05 April, 2006

Main Site

I just received my invitation to Google Pages. Now there is a main site for Open Pandora.

A new link was added above the Download called Home that points there.

New Version

Previous version was installed without Microsoft.Mshtml.dll, so it could crash for some users.
I fixed the installer and everyone are welcome to try it.