31 August, 2006

Next version Last.fm support

Last.fm is a cool internet service that builds your musical profile. As you listen to music the tracks are submitted to Last.fm and automatically appear in your profile - this called this "scrobbling".

The next version of OpenPandora will support "scrobbling". All or some of the tracks your are listening to will be submitted to Last.fm . The feature is currently tested and the new version will be released very soon.

13 August, 2006

New version 0.4.3

It has been a while since last update.
The new version 0.4.3 brings some visual changes, but also some that you might not notice.

Visual changes include new settings window that contains all the previous settings that were in the menu area and a new option to create title template. This will not affect the tray icon tooltip that will always show song name and artist name in a new line. And of course the options menu is gone.

Other changes include accurate informing about new version and better support for future changes in Pandora web site.

Download and enjoy the music!