05 December, 2008

OpenPandora 0.6.9 is ready (Official Pandora layout fix)

The official OpenPandora fix is ready.
Go get it from the download page.
Kudos to Kevin for his quick unofficial fix.

It's time make some changes to OpenPandora and make a complete rewrite.
More info will be posted later.

Update: The download is available again

Update2: The setup file hosting moved to Google Code

03 December, 2008

New Pandora Layout

Pandora has changed their site's layout today.
This change broke OpenPandora.
Please wait for a fix.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: There is an unofficial fix created by Kevin: http://kevinmcr.home.comcast.net/OpenPandora%20fix.zip.
An official fix will be ready soon.