01 June, 2007

The complete guide for using OpenPandora outside US with Tor

Since Pandora started blocking users outside US some solutions where proposed, but only one made to the top - Tor.

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Tor can help you anonymize web browsing, by bouncing communication around a distributed network of servers called onion routers.
This is nice, but how this helps?
If the communication is bounced over network of servers and the last server that forwards communication located in US, Pandora will think that the user himself is located in US and will not block him.

So what we need is to force last server to be in US and use Tor only for communication with Pandora. This is done in four simple steps:
  1. Install Tor.

    Got to http://tor.eff.org/download-windows.html.en and download just Tor (marked for experts only), or use this link http://tor.eff.org/dist/win32/tor-
  2. Update torrc file.

    Open torrc file from Start->Programs->Tor and add paste at the bottom

    StrictExitNodes 1
    exitnodes desync,whistlersmother,lefkada,bettyboop,croeso,TorLuwakOrg,nixnix,inap1,redpineapple,cronic,sasquatch,slowturtle2

    This will force the last server to be located in US.
  3. Create tor.pac file. I have created it directly under c: drive (c:\tor.pac).
    Start by creating new text file. Open it in Notepad and paste

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (shExpMatch(host, "www.pandora.com")) return "SOCKS";
    return "DIRECT";

    Rename it tor.pac.

    Alternatively you can download my tor.pac from here: http://openpandora.googlepages.com/tor.pac.
  4. Set tor.pac to be used for automatic configuration in Internet Explorer.

    Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools->Internet Options.
    Select Connections tab.
    Open Lan Settings by pressing the button.
    Check/Select 'Use automatic configuration script'.
    Write in Address "file://" following the tor.pac file name with full path. I wrote "file://c:\tor.pac" (without the quotation marks).

Now you activate Tor from Start->Programs->Tor->Tor and run OpenPandora. It will take some time until Pandora will load, but when it loads the music never stops.


Bit said...


halnine said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation.
However I still can't get it to work properly.
Tor seems to create a 'cicruit', but nothing happens on OpenPandora, and Pandora's website still identifies my location :(

(btw I also modified Internet Connection settings as told).

Here's a link to my TOR output: http://s12.up-file.com/download3/06a84b398634_ij1ilinwwqnqvmwp/TOR-output-1.txt

Any ideas? I wanted to give up until I saw this post, and want to give it another go before reverting to LastFM streams permanently.

eitan said...

In torrc file there is a line similar to this one: "SocksPort 9050 # what port to open for local application connections"
It declaires the port used for tor. Here 9050. Same port number is used in tor.pac file. Check if they are equal.

Also, just today Pandora showed the restricted page, but stated that my IP is from US. I refreshed and everything worked.

One more thing. To make sure that IE settings work, try to open http://pandora.com when Tor is down. You should see IE error navigation page. Otherwise your IE settings are wrong or tor.pac is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Great trick, works fine for me here in Spain ;)

halnine said...

Just a thought: I'm actually connecting via some sort of a VPN connection (more specifically a cable modem) and the internet settings the script is for are LAN settings. Could this be the reason I can't connect yet?
(thanks for the tips, Eitan, but all the settings seem to be in order)

Anonymous said...

this is a really neat trick. Can you also do it to kid the BBC radio online that you are from the UK? They block the football coverage if you are outside the UK, and the standard proxies don't work.

eitan said...

halnine: cable modem should not be the problem. my guess something wrong with your torrc file. may be updated the wrong one. check you computer if you have more than one.

it is possible to configure for UK, but then you will not be able to use pandora.

Paulo Sérgio said...

Absolutely brilliant!!

Talking from Brazil here ... :-)

Ulan said...

mine is not working. i did all of the steps as prescribed, but still not loading, it just stays there... i'm behind my office proxy is it possible that its causing the setting error for tor?

eitan said...

it seems that your office network configuration requires that proxy for outgoing connections. i don't know whterher tor can be configured for using it too, but i believe this is possible. check with Tor project http://tor.eff.org/contact.html.en

victor de la cruz said...

Foun this doing your config bout anonimity

We believe that you are in United States (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at pandora-support@pandora.com

viccer said...

Found this doing your config bout anonimity

We believe that you are in United States (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at pandora-support@pandora.com

Why in the world I am still banned despite they found me in United States?

eitan said...

I recieved this too. Simply browse again to http://www.pandora.com

Anonymous said...

is it possible to do this in Firefox too?

Matt & Jeni Redekopp said...

An alternative to Tor is HotSpotShield.com. It is a VPN server that you connect to via a small program installed on your computer. The service is meant to protect wireless surfing from internet hotspots but works for Pandora by providing you with a US IP address. It is simple to use and effective.

Anonymous said...

I was using hotspot, but now as soon as I turn it on I can't get any pages to load. Might be my ISP stepping in. I'll investigate.

Anonymous said...

Hotspot shield stopped working for me on saturday too. But it doesn't matter - I use Tor now and it works great.

Alex said...

Great stuff dude! Now listening from Vancouver, Canada.

Anonymous said...

I can't make it work. I do as is indicated here, step by step, but still no results. Even more, if I use IE with TOR down, I still can navigate - even If everything was set as they say here.

eitan said...

Your IE settings are not set

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with tor:

It was working earlier.

eitan said...

Just reload the page

Gerry said...

2. The torrc file didn't show up where claimed:

"The location of your torrc file depends on the way you installed Tor.

*On Windows, you can find it in the Start menu under Programs -> Tor, or you can find it by hand in either \Application Data\tor\torrc or \username\Application Data\tor\torrc
*On OS X, open your favorite text editor and load /Library/Tor/torrc
*On Unix, if you installed a pre-built package, look for /etc/torrc or /etc/tor/torrc or consult your package's documentation.
*Finally, if you installed from source, you may not have a torrc installed yet: look in /usr/local/etc/ and note that you may need to manually copy torrc.sample to torrc
-- taken from http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#torrc

4. I code for the web, so if you use IE I hate ya. =P On the other hand, if you have a conscience and happen to use Firefox here is how you add the pac script:

Click on the Connection Settings button
Select "Automatic proxy configuration URL"
and if you have it in the location specified in the tutorial then you should enter "file:///c:/tor.pac"
You may need to hit the reload button, I dunno.
Then just hit the OK buttons and start listening.

Anonymous said...

"if you have a conscience and happen to use Firefox"
Your web browser preference is of no consequence here. OpenPandora uses an Internet Explorer control which in turn uses Internet Explorer's proxy settings.

Gerry said...

Which is why I don't use it, but cheers for the tutorial anyway OP. =D

D. said...

works for me!

thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

It works great! Thank you!
. . .
Use Pandora outside the United States with proxy Tor. Far better than HotSpotShield.

Anonymous said...

This seems great - now if I can just get it to work. All mods made as defined, but when I run OpenPandora I get an Internet Explorer script error:

Internet Explorer Script Error
Line: 11
Char: 3
Error: 'Pandora' is undefined
Code: 0
URL: http://openpandora.googlepages.com/pandoraevents6.htm

Any idea what's wrong here?


eitan said...

Are you able to skip the error and continue?

Anonymous said...

I can continue if I close the error but it just keeps coming back.


Anonymous said...

More on this problem. It appear Tor failed. Ran this in cmd window and got fail message.

Failed to parse/validate config: Unknown option 'desync, whistlersmother, leftkada, bettyboop......slowturtle2' . Failing.


Anonymous said...

OK - fixed error in torrc file - now have all problems clear - Tor is running and Pandora is playing.

Great stuff - thanks a bunch.


Stian said...

Thanks for the guide - it's good to have Pandora back again...! I believe that most of the apparently random problems reported above can be avoided by disabling IE's automatic proxy caching, as described in the "Proxy caching in Microsoft's Internet Explorer" section at http://homepages.tesco.net/J.deBoynePollard/FGA/web-browser-auto-proxy-configuration.html
and further detailed in http://support.microsoft.com./default.aspx?id=271361.
Happy listening!

ndwyto said...

Although I followed exactly the descriptions, and despite I'm able to make Pandora work at my brother's place, I'm having the same error message as Graham described above home. Any ideas why is this happening?


Anonymous said...

Oh God, Thank you so much, I'm so glad to have Pandora back (I'm in Canada) and this post taught me a few really cool tricks with Tor, that's really useful :)

Paul said...

mine worked fine for a week or so, until today. Now i'm getting grahams java errors and errors in tor. Anyone any ideas?

Sub Umbra Dei said...

It worked until today. Tor gives those two warnings:

1) Your application (using socks4 on port 80) is giving
Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may leak in
formation. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or socat) instead. For more
information, please see http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#SO

2) No specified exit routers seem to be running, and StrictExitNodes is set: can't choose an exit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems there's some issue with TOR. Maybe the routers have died.

This looks like it needs the attention of someone who knows what they're talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

yepp, some routers aren't online. but my config is still running. i will post some exit nodes later. but you can take a look to new exit nodes by yourself if you are running vidalia (graphical interface for tor) under windows.

there you open the network map via tray icon and sort the list of nodes. choose nodes with us american flag and a long uptime. write the names of nodes into your torrc and restart.

Anonymous said...

my updated exit nodes for tor:

ExitNodes nixnix,moria1,moria2,inap1,torxmission,augrime,err,sasquatch,foundry,peertechdata

Anonymous said...

I keep getting on Tor [warn]failed to choose an exit server
no specified exit routers seem to be running, and strictexitnodes is set : can't choose an exit

I don't understand all this jargon.. how do I fix it?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. i believe everyone ought to do the updates. i've been getting german and hong kong ip addresses myself

Alex said...

Pandora loads through Tor, but does not stream. When Pandora player shows the CD that should be playing, the litle progress bar on the bottom does not move, as if it is on pause. Could it be that Tor servers started blocking Pandora's stream?

Anonymous said...

with the tor.pac file the audio stream isn't going through the proxy and tor. only the flash interface, javascript code and some other things (xml, graphics) are loaded with tor.

Anonymous said...

Tor doesn't work after adding the lines to torcc? I just opens and closes real fast(unsure if it displays an error...)

Anyone know how to fix this?

Alex said...

Pandora is back streaming through Tor! Just had to google for some new Tor exit nodes.

DarknessBlaze said...

At first I couldn't get this to work, but when I changed my LAN settings to use file://c:\tor.pac.txt instead of file://c:\tor.pac, it worked. In case anyone else has a similar issue, this may be the solution :D

Anonymous said...

If you are having trouble, you can always install the FoxTor addon to your Mozilla browser. Then just modify the torc file as mentioned in the turorial and there you go!

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble connecting to Pandora now. Using the exit nodes specified in the tutorial, and all I can guess it that these exit nodes are now taken down by the man.

I guess I need some serious googling to find alternative exit nodes?

DarknessBlaze said...

I'm finding that recently Tor is having troubles finding exit nodes. Half the list supposivley aren't real servers and the other half aren't on. Are there any alternative servers? If you find any other US Tor servers plz email me

Frede said...

If I open Tor, start OpenPandora and the shuts down Tor I can still play. Does this make sense or am I just lucky. Does Pandora only verify that I am in the US on initial connection or how does it work?

Anonymous said...

That's great stuff, well done!!! Works for Switzerland!! Cheers :-)

Josh said...

I don't use OpenPandora, but I just set my IE homepage to pandora so I use Firefox for browsing and IE for music... works great :) I grabbed the Vidalia bundle so I can see the list of active Tor servers, I simply sorted by country and started writing in server names.

Here is my list of exit nodes in alphabetical order!

StrictExitNodes 1
ExitNodes A1D7DB57EFA57ACA20, agrippator, AoF, ArikaYumemiya, AscendedDaniel, asclepias, augrime, bettyboop, blueice, BostonUCompSci, Butterfly, cjb, codemonkeysorg, croeso, cronic, desync, err, foundry, httpdnet, ieditconfiggg333, illuminata, inap1, Insytez, invisitor, iris, jalopy, lefkada, MasterMindZ, mmarketinfo, moilen, moria1, moria2, moria5, MrRelay, mushin, nbx, nixnix, peertechdata, pickaproxy, random, redpineapple, rodos, sasquatch, schadenfreude, serifos, sipbtor, slowturtle2, soltor, stugsDOTcom, styx, theprocess, torftw, TorLuwakOrg, torxmission, vwglobaltoadcom, whistlersmother, ygrenys, yo2

ez said...

Working great from Israel!

Jonathan said...

How long is it meant to take on the loading page in OpenPandora? I've waited at least 10 minutes now...somethings not right yeh?

Should i update my tor client or any exit nodes? From Australia BTW...contact me moondy@gmail.com...cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much... Music does not stop (altought pandora page takes longer to be loaded with respect to HotSpot shield).

Two working solution are always better than one!!!!!

Thanks again

Foreningen !les said...

This works perfect with Pandora.com in IE :D (can I make it work in Opera?), but when I try to open OpenPandora, it doesn't load for a while, then the window closes. Then I can't open it again, and when I check the prosess monitor, the prosess is still running, it just doesnt do anything.

Foreningen !les said...

sorry, its working now :P

frenchbaz said...

I have followed the instructions, used the helps on the blog (setting up the latest server list seemed to be the thing that did the trick) and it is working at the moment. Thanks very much I am now listening again in France.


trespassers william said...

Hi, I installed the vidalia bundle to find more usa exit nodes. Now i am able to connect to pandora through firefox (well, it's a bit jumpy), but not through OP. I tried to manage the application's proxy settings, using "" or "localhost" for host, "8118" or "9051" for port. What else?

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, works fine Italy. Wireless lan of my building, no problems, finally back to real radio stations... !.. grazie... Roby, Milan

Anonymous said...

Everything works. Talking from the US from now on :)

Sami_L said...

I got some problems with the tor today. It says it can't connect to the exit server because no exit routers are running.

Anyone else got this problem recently? Or know how to get this working again? Maybe changing the nicknames in torcc to something which works could help if these aren't online anymore or something... Don't really know where these in this guide came from so kinda hard to try.

Sami_L said...

I thought the new posts were at the top... I should check the dates -_-

Anyway, someone mentioned the Vidalia interface for Tor and I got it working again by changing the nicknames in the torcc file (couldn't find option to enable the exit ones to be only in US). The vidalia has a clear list of all nodes which are currently online, how good connection they have, and the location with a flag logo.

Thanks to someone who found the Vidalia, the tor is much easier to use now ^_^

Jaume said...

This is great!

Thank you very much from Barcelona

Anonymous said...

I understand almost nothing about technical issues about tor. Does this message tell something important (as it is a warning, may be it should); by the way pandora is working!

[Warning] Your application (using socks4 on port 80) is giving Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may leak information. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or socat) instead. For more information, please see http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#SOCKSAndDNS.


directorsulo said...

i listened 2 day and it's not working today i do all uptades and download again thousand times. Is it have new uptades or is "torr" not working ?

MevlutPamuk said...

Hey hi i solved the problem you have to change your ip adres after 2 days They're Blocking your ip after 2 or 1 day later. if every step is right and pandora is stuck on loading this is the reason. I changed my computer it worked im listening

kittybee said...

Hello everyone! Did alot of digging around today to find out how to get hold of Pandora after they close to the UK on the 15th! Discovered Tor and OpenPandora on this blog! Installed them both, and followed these instructions and all seems to be working well, Xenobite's Torcheck reports that the exits are from the US. Pandora works alot quicker this way than listening off its website too!

I'll be back after the UK close, to let you all know if it still works... wish me luck and thanks so much guys! (I also installed the Foxtor firefox plugin, seems a bit of a mistake according to the comments, worked but I disabled it & very worried about uninstalling it, so don't touch it at all!)

Marcel said...

This is way too technical.

For newbies like me I recommend www.globalpandora.com instead.

Just type the url and listen.

Best regards,


kittybee said...

Goodness me Marcel! You should have told me about this earlier and it would have saved me alot of work today! Think installing Tor was worth it though.

Have to wait til the UK close before I can see if the site properly works for me. I was hoping that someone could defy the closure, so good on them! Hope that it doesn't put Pandora in the US under higher risk though.

Still testing out Tor and OP, working alright so far. I'm a NEWBIE And the instructions on this blog are pretty straight forward, looks scary but pretty easy, just read them through carefully.

Again cheers Marcel for the tip off! You've really got your finger on the pulse, you clever man! :)


Anonymous said...

I would really like to access Pandora from a standalone device ie my Sonos music system. I am not able to install any software on it (as it is not a PC) but may be able to alter its default gateway. If I did this and pointed the default gateway at a PC with Tor could I use this approach ?

Inky said...

Would it be possible to develop a version of OpenPandora which uses GlobalPandora? Its much, much simpler than all this Tor proxy business.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the globalpandora link!

now an implementation of globalpandora in openpandora would be great.

the.lorrr said...

globalpandora always sais that their enginners would be working on some problem: "We're having unexpected technical difficulties. Our engineers are scrambling to fix things. Please try again later." Does that mean they're working on blocking Tor?

Josh said...

GlobalPandora and TOR are now both broken. Pandora is progressively banning all the IP addresses of the proxies they use. Sometimes you can listen for a few songs, but eventually it cuts out and ur screwed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. same here, since a few hours ago, everything died. :/

kittybee said...


Logged on today and I've been blocked too!

I feel so hurt by this.

Give it a good poke and you can still open it up, guess it won't hold out much longer though!! Thank goodness I managed to get in and delete all my stations. Don't want my musical tastes hidden away somewhere and sold later!

I suspect Global Pandora did the damage here, using Tor to gain access! Shame on you GP, you've ruined things for the rest of us!! (should have kept that secret to yourself Marcel!)

I loved OpenPandora too, although it stopped working after the UK close, I don't think my IE goes through Tor, so that's probably why. But I loved it while it lasted. So gracious thanks to you Eitan and Dirk!

Well everyone, the end is just beginning... so where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

I had this working great for a couple of days and now suddenly Pandora won't load anymore - anyone else having these problems? Is mevlutpamuk right that you have to change computers every few days to change IP address? Does anyone know how to fix this without changing computers?

Thanks for the workaround, it was amazing while it worked!

Danyo said...

Pandora have banned some server from Tor-nework. Just Change your Serverlist in torrc-file: BostonUCompsci, lefkada, croeso, bettyboop, moobzilla, sasquatch, jalopy,nixnix, ThreadAbort, CH1rrskur7

now it works perfectly again.
I am listening for over 3 hours now.

gizhola said...

Thanks danyo. I'm blissfully listening to music again.


Anonymous said...

i managed to install tor and set it up, which worked brilliantly for a couple of days, now its stopped and if i go to the pandora website in ie (configured to use tor) i get the following message:

"Dear Pandora Visitor,

We believe that you are in A Banned IP Address (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at pandora-support@pandora.com"

if i open pandora in firefox (not configured for tor) i just get the usual message that pandora is restricted because i am in the uk. it seems they have blocked the ip addresses of the tor relays :(

Danyo said...

Just look at my post above:
Pandora have banned some server from Tor-nework. Just Change your Serverlist in torrc-file: BostonUCompsci, lefkada, croeso, bettyboop, moobzilla, sasquatch, jalopy,nixnix, ThreadAbort, CH1rrskur7

this Serverlist ist still working

Anonymous said...

Thanks danyo

I hope Pandora doesn't start a major crackdown on us haxors. :)

I've been happily using Pandora and then OpenPandora for a fair while now, and hope to continue to be able to use Pandora in some form or another in the future.

bee said...

Thanks danyo, but I still couldn't get it to work with the new server list.

Also now when I try to run Tor, it just opens and closes itself in the space of a second. Trying to run OpenPandora also resulted in a "error running script on this page" message - I've uninstalled and reinstalled both programs but the problems still occur.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Are people still having success using Tor? Cheers.

barbas@netcabo.pt said...

Hy theres,

Just to report that is working here with Danyo servers:

ExitNodes BostonUCompsci, lefkada, croeso, bettyboop, moobzilla, sasquatch, jalopy,nixnix, ThreadAbort, CH1rrskur7

Many thanks!



Anonymous said...

not working here with this:
ExitNodes BostonUCompsci, lefkada, croeso, bettyboop, moobzilla, sasquatch, jalopy,nixnix, ThreadAbort, CH1rrskur7

kittybee said...

I'm back again everyone!

Well after I drastically deleted most of my stations last time I posted I'm pleased to report my UK Pandora listening is going well :) (straight off the site of course)

My Tor has slowed down quite a bit (and sometimes really painfully slow which is so annoying!) from adding those Exitnodes to my collection but it's a small price to pay I guess! I think the order of them makes a difference, perhaps the quantity too, must check that out.

Now wouldn't it be great if a couple of our Exitnode friends over in the US were able to mask their IPs... I think we'd all be home and dry. Is that possible?! I dunno!

Next up to try and get my Open Pandora working again... gosh I miss it! Anything I've overlooked in trying to configure IE to pick up Pandora through Tor let me know!

SQJTaipei said...

I have openpandora running with vidalia in Vista.
Any suggestions for getting it to submit to last.fm?
I have my acct details entered in openpandora, and music is playing (yea!) but nothing is submitting.
Thanks for the help getting this running up to this point. Really great!

Joanna said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I missed Pandora so much. Sometimes I managed to use it by switching to US proxy but mostly it wasn't successful at all. OpenPandora is just great. And for those who claim it's way to technical: come on, I'm not a computer geek and I managed to install everything, including Tor about which I'd never heard before, in something like ten minutes... Great job!

er said...

1. Tor is working for me just great.

2. Open Pandora didn't load. Using Vista

3. To ad songs to last.fm I'm Using Last Pandora project ;)

Sami_L said...

This guide has some seriously old exitnodes since 5 of them aren't even existing anymore. These are the 10 I use:


All of these have speeds over 400KB/s (according to Vidalia) and I have noticed they are online 24/7.

I used a Tor add-on called Vidalia to check the nodes. On Vidalia you just need to open the "Tor Network Map", sort the list by country and then scroll to the nodes with US flags. The ones with 3 yellow bars should have transfer data speed over 400KB/s.

Note that you can't have the regular Tor and Vidalia open at the same time.

Hope this helps people who are having slow connection speeds with Tor ^^

SQJTaipei said...

thanks for the fast exitnodes
any ideas for last.fm submission?

I can't find anything about Last Pandora project? can you point me in the right direction?

er said...

Last pandora ir mashup project - pandorafm.real-ity.com/.

Open Pandora works now for me :)

Sami_L said...

Why not just use OpenPandora to submit the songs to last.fm? At least for me it works just fine.

Sami_L said...

btw, that was reply to SQJTaipei

Katch said...

if anyone is interested a simple batchfile can run tor then openpandora in one action,

cd "C:\Program Files\Tor"
start /min tor.exe
cd "C:\Program Files\OpenPandora"
start openpandora.exe

copy paste into notepad
save as open.bat in your pandora directory and point your pandora shortcut at it.

Sami_L said...

Thanks man. The OpenPandora icon won't do much on it's own so it's nice to have those two bundled like this ^^

SQJTaipei said...

I am using Vidalia and Tor is running and OpenPandora is pretty slow, but is working fine. Once it starts playing it never stops!

But... it isn't submitting to last.fm although I have my username/pass entered. Any ideas what I'm missing?

great idea re: the batch file!

SQJTaipei said...

@sami_l - er - and everyone
Now tracks played in OpenPandora are submitted to last.fm for me.
I re-entered my last.fm user/pass and now it is working. I did that about 20 times before to no avail. Maybe using sami_l's exit nodes solved that problem too?!
Thanks for your help... and thanks for OpenPandora!

SQJTaipei said...

last.fm submission actually IS NOT WORKING for me...
I don't know what else to do. Of course I enjoy the music anyway... but last.fm submission would be really great.
Thanks and sorry for taking over the comments lately!

kittybee said...

Oh Katch!

I tried the batchfile you mentioned and although the commands loads up fine my OpenPandora is still stuck on that "Please wait Pandora is loading" start page... just as before, I still don't think my OP is going through Tor yet... it was worth a try, thanks Katch.

Oh it's so frustrating!

Where to next?

Valentin said...

* Get Tor & Vidalia

* Tasty US Tor nodes (see help or ealier posts how to add)
desync jalopy nixnix croeso lefkada

* In Internet Explorer add the proxy config file from this site;
make sure u append a file:// in front of the path

* In OpenPandora select automatic proxy

Before using OpenPandora test in IE by simply opening www.pandora.com

If still problems mail me: valentin at aimsoft dot com

Sami_L said...

Just remember, do not try to use the Vidalia's Tor to listen Pandora. Only use Vidalia to check the nodes and then switch to the regular Tor app so you can start to listen.

SQJTaipei said...

You are full of great info... I had not heard about using vidalia to find the nodes and then use the standalone tor for pandora... why do you suggest this?
Thanks for all your help.

Sele said...

Thanks for the program, I, as an international Pandora-lover, think it is awesome. The only problem is that openPandora doesn't load, and when I try to go into the Pandora page in IE, it says that the IP is from germany and it is banned. What can I do to fix this?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know an easier way of giving songs the "zzz"? There doesn't seem to be a shortcut for it, so I have to click to bring up the Guide Us menu, and then click on the zzz button.


Sami_L said...

SQJTaipei, just because the Vidalia won't use the restriction to use only US exitnodes even though the code and names are set correctly in the torcc file.

Anon, I think the shortcuts are on the OpenPandora and not the webplayer. Looks like there is no such shortcut for OpenPandora currently. Why do you want to use th "zzz" so often anyway? You might want to add some more seeds on the channel if it feels like too repetitive.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking recently at everything posted online about getting pandora to work from outside the US and nothing posted is working for me. Not sure if it's the same for everyone else but if someone that knows or has an update on what to that would be great. please post...

Dark said...

I'm really not happy - morally - with this solution, it's not why Tor exists and the network is bandwidth starved enough as it is.
I doubt anyone of the posters here have gone to the trouble of understanding what Tor is, and why it was set up:

"[for] journalists and bloggers, human rights workers, law enforcement officers, soldiers, corporations, citizens of repressive regimes"

...just to listen to music seems a bit frivolous.

Anonymous said...


When using Tor & Vidalia - especially you US guys - make sure you have it setup on "Relay traffic for the TOR network" so as to grow the network!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million! Now I have my favourite work companion back!!

Have you considered making it portable as per PortableApps and using PortableTor?

crunger said...

Thanks a lot!
Pandora is again in my ears!

Anonymous said...

Big Smiles from the UK! Worked perfectly first time..

Many thanks.

John A. Ellis said...

I LOVE Open Pandora! You rock!

Anonymous said...

A lot of tks from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

awesom.. after almos a year of not listening to pandora its back... i tried with proxies but never worked this worked right away..

Anonymous said...

"[for] journalists and bloggers, human rights workers, law enforcement officers, soldiers, corporations, citizens of repressive regimes"

...just to listen to music seems a bit frivolous."

on the flipside i think that if it helps with something which may seem trivial then its still progressing in its work.

you dont need to be in handcuffs and at gun point to be in the beginings of sensorship and oppression. music may be minor and inconsequential but should we not fight for everything, or only the really morally offensive stuff.

P.S. great walkthrough and awesome job keep everyone updated with stuff you wont as easily find anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Thx :) working fine here after obtaining some different exit nodes !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, wasnt working then used the exitnodes that someone had posted and it worked to my surprise :o. List is as follows:

ExitNodes A1D7DB57EFA57ACA20, agrippator, AoF, ArikaYumemiya, AscendedDaniel, asclepias, augrime, bettyboop, blueice, BostonUCompSci, Butterfly, cjb, codemonkeysorg, croeso, cronic, desync, err, foundry, httpdnet, ieditconfiggg333, illuminata, inap1, Insytez, invisitor, iris, jalopy, lefkada, MasterMindZ, mmarketinfo, moilen, moria1, moria2, moria5, MrRelay, mushin, nbx, nixnix, peertechdata, pickaproxy, random, redpineapple, rodos, sasquatch, schadenfreude, serifos, sipbtor, slowturtle2, soltor, stugsDOTcom, styx, theprocess, torftw, TorLuwakOrg, torxmission, vwglobaltoadcom, whistlersmother, ygrenys, yo2

moufas said...

many thanks from greece too!!it works great

Anonymous said...

That definetely rocks!!! I love you man!!!!

Anonymous said...


Wesley said...

I think there is a better way, using pickaproxy.com. They do not yet have support for a tor.pac file like you describe here, but they are working on that. The things they do better are as follows:

(1) They make sure the US exit nodes specified are valid, fast and running - they do change a lot.
(2) They make sure the US exit nodes specified are safe. Jalopy, for example, which you specified here, is likely (possibly) run by the US government and it may not be your best choice, though it is extremely fast. Some suspect they are logging all Tor traffic coming through them for later analysis at their leisure...
(3) They do not require you to install or maintain your own version of Tor.
(4) They give you other country-specific options besides the US.

Anonymous said...


thanks for this hint. it's a good alternative to installing tor software.

btw. pac file is working as with tor proxy. just replace your tor client ip in the pac file with us.pickaproxy.com:8125

Bartek Piech said...

How can i make it work on Linux?

Anonymous said...

Its great having Pandora back in my life.. Felt I was cheating on her with all those other Pandora wannabes.. This solution is smooth.. Thanks from the UK !

Ross said...

Hi, would anyone be able to point me towards guidelines for getting Pandora to work with Mac OS X, please?!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Using Tor so selfishly for downloads or streaming music is stealing bandwith from a privately funded network and taking it away from people who depend on anonymous internet due to restrictions in their country. I just hope they find a way to block this Pandora music junk. I hope.

prakhar1 said...

can anyone tell me how to do this on firefox on mac osx i can't find advanced under tools??

Anonymous said...

yes pandora is back! havent got it to work on openpandora but better than nothing..

btw the script thing on firefox is
go to:

tools - options - advanced - network - settings (connection) - automatic proxy config url

paste as in the tutorial.

thanks to the author

(working on firefox 3)

Mark said...

Many, many thanks from a very grateful UK user. I didn't realise how much I'd missed pandora until I fired up openpandora and saw all my old beloved stations waiting for me ...

louis said...

Thanks! I've been without pandora for 6months. I tried many proxies and ssh tunnelling techniques all to no avail. Finally got all my old stations back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Listening from Cracow, Poland.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great and wery easy to setup tutorial!

Using Mac OS X 10.5.4
Firefox 3.0.1 without Torbutton plugin, cos its not working on Firefox 3.X
Also its working with latest Safari,
but i prefer Firefox

Listening from Tartu, ESTONIA.

Bodo said...

Thanks from Germany
you make me happy :-)

EUNAOLIGO - Blogggggg said...


From BraSil!

drax said...

hey dudes,my 9051 port is blocked,by the admin..so some body
tell me how to crack dat.or another port please...

Anonymous said...

Excellent!!... It works fine here un Chile - South America


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks a lot dude!! -- from Ontario Canada

by the way i had to search where the torrc file was because it wasn't where i thought it would be... and i used this link to help me with that http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#head-1793e1e8a4701ba463b5b82b33f59e787ff752f9

Anonymous said...

"pianobar" is a free and open source pandora.com client for Linux. Get the sourcecode here: http://uint16.ath.cx/software/pandora_client.en.html

Pablo said...

im not sure i installed openpandora correctly; about how long should I wait for openpandora to open?

Caio said...

thanks for the trick, does openPandora has a download thing so I can download my favorite songs when it plays?

joe smith said...

works great!but...can i reverse it ? cause id like to be "me" again.i tried to undo all the steps...but my ip still seams to be the one from the states.funny thing is..that my opera and my firefox browser are showing me the same thing.

checked it here
(its german ...but "herkunft" is like...origin)

O T said...

The torrc thing is displayed incomplete on firefox.

Shahzoor said...

amazing! Enjoying from India since it got banned outside the U.S. Please find a way to to let me enjoy thru my iPhone and iPod too!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Norway!

download freegate, this wil solve all your problems!


Anonymous said...

sometimes it thinks im on different countries (france, germany, luxemburg etc...)
but after 2-3 tries it usually works and its great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you verry much!!!!

work's perfectly from switzerland.

I really missed pandora since it was locked for switzerland
(i know, a long time ago)
But it is just great that there is a work around

Thank's you rock!!

Cheers Dani

Anonymous said...

it really works! easy and fast, no need 2 pay attention fot exitnodes and things just doubleclick and thats it:D

Anonymous said...

It says I'm in France.

ami said...

Can you make erockster.com work from outside US?

Anonymous said...

Works well from Colombia

Anonymous said...

I've gone through all the comments, updated the exit nodes from the Windows app but I'm still getting this error when I run OPenPandora:

Your application (using socks4 on port 80) is giving
Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may leak in
formation. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or socat) instead. For more
information, please see http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#SO

Jennifer Chen said...

I followed all the instructions, but when I try to open "tor", it cannot open, and says lost shortcut. I deleted everything, and did it again, but the same. Is there a problem with the tor file? This is very upsetting, I am almost giving up.... but I really want to listen to pandora ! Is it because I use Vista?

mitch said...

worked perfect from perth in oz!
is it safe to create an account for pandora if i live outside the US?

Anonymous said...

Works from London. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

am at uae and the site for downloading tor is blocked...can smeone upload on any site...

Anonymous said...

Feb 2010 - still works! (listening from israel)

Anonymous said...

June 2010 here and it still works, THANKS A LOT from Australia, much appreciated!

phunko said...

I tried it 4 hours, now it works.
Check your IE safety setting!

If you have problems use the IE and navigate to www.pandora.com. At this point I was asked if I want to activate my local internet setting or something like that. After activating it works fine for me.


Anonymous said...

it works. listening from poland.

u guyz saved my life.

Anonymous said...
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Wicktor said...

How long should it take for it to start after first time fixing it up?

manveruppd said...

@Dark: I get what you're saying, it IS a bit frivolous, but in the final analysis people who need anonymity don't need speed, so the more nodes there are the easier it is for them to connect, even if the network's more congested than it would be without the Pandora users. And if even a few of them leave Tor running even if they're not listening to Pandora it helps the network immeasurably!

DEv said...

betta download Hotspot Shield..more betta dan Tor..!!!.Send an email to win@anchorfree.com or mac@anchorfree.com.They will send u de download righto!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes this works, use ExitNodes {US} as recommended above.

Thanks for this

Anonymous said...

4 year old tutorial still working!

its a bit like 3000 ago when moses put down the the Ten Commandments, which are still valid today;)

i hope my grandchildren will use this one day.
great thanks from germany

Anonymous said...

Tested and works

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

If you want to use Turntable.fm just edit tor.pac file so it would look like this:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
if (shExpMatch(host,"www.pandora.com") ||
return "SOCKS";
return "DIRECT";

Anonymous said...

Pandora have updated their site today, quite radically different. Openpandora doesn't seem to want to work with it any more, it was fine yesterday with the old layout.

Oliver said...

still works for me 11-10-2011
i though it didnt.. because of the "it seems that pandora doesnt load in your browser" but i just waited and then it started after 1 min ca.

Anonymous said...

Works for me. Thanks!

BUT when i'm connected to my university via VPN it stops working. Somehow the proxy stops working and pandora.com can see my IP from germany.

Anonymous said...

Works for me even without the *.pac file. Now it would be even better if somebody could create a crack for Slacker radio. I tried creating the *.pac file with the URL of Slacker in place of Pandora's, but it still identifies me as "outside the US".

Anonymous said...

Great stuff man! Works for me in 2013 :)
Only thing is I used the port address 9150 instead 9050 in tor.pac file.

You can use netstat -a to get an idea what port you should use.