23 May, 2007

New pants for Pandora

Pandora just changed the look of their site and the player, slightly broking OpenPandora.

The new site does look much better, also adding more functionality to the player.
I'm working on a patched version. Stay tuned.

-Enjoy your music.


Tom Conrad said...

Sorry to have broken you; certainly didn't mean to. Glad you like the new look.

CTO @ Pandora

Anonymous said...

Will be cool to have the new look in OpenPandora.

Btw - would love to see a port to OSX :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Thanks for keeping me sane at work ;)

Michael said...

I was sad when I launched OpenPandora this morning and things were messed up. But then I realized how awesoming it will be once the player fits in the window again! Hope to see that new version soon!

Brian said...

"Sorry to have broken you; certainly didn't mean to. Glad you like the new look." -- Another reason why Pandora owns, they care =)

Daniel said...

@eitan: It's awesome that you're already working on updating for the new look. Major props for supporting your program so well. Thanks for the great alternative to keeping a browser tab open all the time!

@Tom & Pandora: Yes, you guys just continue to impress me. Thanks for the great service.

Anonymous said...

i must agree with previous posters, your program makes pandora much more manageable. and it's nice that you're still working on it, even though pandora has to block IP's from other countries. i work by this stuff, you are a GOD SEND to people like me. and i can not thank you enough :)