25 March, 2007

Version 0.6.8 is out - Solving control problem

Version 0.6.8 is available for download.

It fixes the problem with global shortcuts and playback control from menu that stopped working.

It is highly advised to upgrade to this version.

Release notes:
NEW: Ctrl+Win+Enter: Display again song notification window
NEW: Allow to disable new version popup
FIX: Support back non XP machines
FIX: Not reflecting pausing in title problem
FIX: Settings, About and Notification windows visible with Alt+Tab problem
FIX: Copy to clipboard without paused straing
FIX: Plaback control with global shortcuts and menu
UPD: Show settings window centered to main window
UPD: Copy to clipboard includes disc name
Enjoy your music! And check for more betas on alpha beta 3.


kingkool68 said...

Thanks for fixing this so fast. This app makes my day job tolerable.

Anonymous said...

I think that you may have forgotten to change the version number in version 0.6.8 - I have downloaded and reinstalled repeatedly, and the version I am running has the features of 0.6.8 but all indications (the About window, for instance) are that it is version 0.6.7.

I really appreciate your software - excellent thinking.

eitan said...

The About must show
May be the last (4th digit) confuses you

0.6.7 <

App said...

There seems to be a number of problems with this release:

The songs playing no longer appear on the titlebar, tray icon tooltip, and you can't access the option to copy it to clipboard (it's disabled), and it no longer sends the info to last.fm.

You also can't access the lyrics option (it's disabled).

I am running XP Home SP2.

I attempted to downgrade, uninstalling this version first.

The older version seems to have this same problem now too.

I think Pandora may have changed something and cause all this to break in your software. Might be something you want to check into.

eitan said...

I don't have any of these problems.
Try the refresh from menu, but wait couple of seconds to see changes; or just restart OP.

Chris said...

During install, receiving error:

Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\OpenPandora\AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll

Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file.
Never had this problem until I downloaded 0.6.8. Same error returns on every file after this one. Pandora would not open at all, uninstalled, attempted reinstalling, but getting same error. First time I've seen this.

eitan said...

try restart after uninstall

App said...

I tried the refresh option on the menu. It didn't fix the problem with song titles not displaying or any of the other problems I spoke of. Restarting OP didn't help either.

I still don't have song titles anywhere...not on titlebar, taskbar button, tooltip, and the options to copy it to clipboard or get lyrics are still grayed out.

eitan said...

What's is you system config?
Can you send it to openpandora@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to port this to Linux using Mono?

eitan said...

I believe this is not possible, because of IE control and Win32. Porting will probably require rewrite.

Machiventa said...

is there a way to turn off the clicking sounds when the next song plays?

great job on a fantastic app!!

Brandon Petaccio said...

Right click, Run as Administrator to solve "Error opening file for writing:" message mentioned above.