10 December, 2006

Version 0.6.7 - beta 2

New version 0.6.7 beta is available.
You can download it here.

Some bugs were fixed.
Added Skype integration.
Added new notification window, that looks like single track view in Pandora.

Enjoy your music.


Anonymous said...

I love the new notification popups.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, this is a great piece of work.

Anonymous said...

i still get all the weird white spaces when I log in and out as a payed user.

sweef said...

Does it got fixed when first song starts?

Anonymous said...

yes. it does. but it still makes it hard to work with it.

sweef said...

can you explain?

Anonymous said...

when i am logged in, and then I log out, I see a white space on top. the flash moves down and there's a space on top. so I basically only see a half of the application. its cut in the middle.
then if i restart the application, and log in once again ( this time the user/pass screen appears normal ) the application moves up and the white space is at the bottom, and I can't access some stations / other buttons in the flash until a first song starts. after that it moves back to normal position.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, thanks for all of your work! Makes updating worth it :D

Anonymous said...

Only suggestion: perhaps allow the user to modify settings for the pop up window, such as display length. Theres plenty of room under the general tab... :p. No biggie if it isn't put in, though.

Dirk said...


thanks for your suggestion. I added a feature request for your idea:

Issue 28

Anonymous said...

Problem: Sudenly popup windows does not appear any more when new song starts. In the window title bar the name of the song also does not reflect the name of the new song.

sweef said...

just restart OP

Eric said...

I'm still getting the problem where the whole player is shifted to the left in the window.

I think this had something to do with my screen resolution (1600 X 1200)

sweef said...

to eric:
you probably use 120 DPI. this is a known issue http://code.google.com/p/openpandora/issues/detail?id=16&can=2&q=

Anonymous said...

Me too - I'm still getting the problem where the whole player is shifted to the left in the window.

My resolution is 1024x768

and the DPI is 96

Tim Butterfield said...

I only see on the linked download page? Should it say

I also have the 120 DPI issue on my 1920x1200 laptop screen. There are two different colors to the right of the player. On the far right is a light gray background. Right-clicking this area does not show a context menu. There is also a white area adjacent to the player. Right-clicking this area shows the web browser context menu.

Changing to mini player and back to regular size does not restore the X close button.

Anonymous said...

Feature Suggestion: How about Google Talk integration to show what is currently being played. I'm not a application programmer, but here is the api info: http://code.google.com/apis/talk/index.html

sweef said... is the correct version of beta 2. 120 DPI is a known problem. Close button from miminize will be checked.

The CTalk api is not the GTalk client api, but server side api.
Client side api is not available, but some workaround can be done. It's only matter of time.
Help is always welcome: http://code.google.com/p/openpandora

Anonymous said...

I like thew new popup notification window, but wish it could remain around longer.

Feature Suggestion:

Mini Player2

This would add the volume bar and navigation controls of the Mini Player to the top of the popup notification window.

sweef said...

Time for notificatin window to remain visible will be added to Settings.
The MiniPlayer will be recoded and will be similar to Notification window.
New MicroPlayer will be added that will be similar to current MiniPlayer

Anonymous said...

hi, i realy do like OpenPandora but I am still searching for a plugin or somethine to get the 'now playing track' in my miranda away message. is there a way to output the playing song in a single-line txt file?

however i love OpenPandora!

sweef said...

I plan to release plugin api in version 0.7.

Daesh said...

It's weird that this is a 120DPI is still a problem. In version 0.6.5 this issue doesn't come up. It only seems to apply in versions since. It also happened in an older version (0.6.4 or 0.6.3, I'm not sure which) but was rectified in 0.6.5.

I'm sure you're working hard on it though so thanks for all your work.

Wish I could help but I can't, thanks again for the awesome work!