23 November, 2006

Known problem: Stuck on loading

There is a known that happens once in while, that OpenPandora stuck on loading.

Not all the times that it seems to stuck it is really stuck. It just takes longer than usual to load. But there are those times that it is really stuck. Current solution is to restart the application.

The problem is not neglected and the solution is in the progress.

UPDATE: The poblem is fixed starting first beta of version 0.6.7


Brett said...

There is another known problem where the user interface is shifted 1/3 to the left leaving a blank space on the right, leaving the stations covered up. Apparently this happens when using larger DPI settings in windows. I wish I didnt have to use higher DPI and font settings but i have a high screen resolution. 1600x1200 15 in. laptop. Is this even possible to fix?

sweef said...

It is possible to fix high DPI problem.

And it's time to say that loading problem is fixed starting first beta of version 0.6.7