18 October, 2006

Beta3 of version 0.6.6

Download the new beta from the same location.

Some new features in this beta:
- Pressing Alt+F4 or Close key in multimedia keyboard will act as pressing on the X button. So if Close button in OpenPandora minimizes to tray pressing Alt+F4 will do the same. Same when Close button in OpenPandora is not visible
- Smaller executable
- New global keyboard shortcut. Pressing Ctrl+Win+Q will change station to QuickMix
- Title will show tooltip if the text is too long
- New announcer on new version and new beta version. If new version is available a message box will be shown that will start the download if you hit Ok. Same if you are using a beta version and there is a newer beta.


Danny said...

Is it appropriate to submit bugs to this blog post? If so, the Ctrl-Win-Down and Ctrl-Win-Up shortcuts aren't working for me in this beta version (all the others seem to be though)

sweef said...

Yes, this is a place to submit bugs.

But this is not a bug. From version 0.6.5 Ctrl+Win+Up/Down change the volume, just as the shortcuts in Pandora, and Ctrl+Win+Plus/Minus are for selecting if you like the track or not (same as Pandora shortcuts).

Felonymous said...

It keeps getting better and better. You freakin' rock.