18 September, 2006

Version 0.6.0 is ready

It's here. Go and get it.

As promised: full control from tray icon and support for keyboard media keys.
Some bugs were fixed too.

Enjoy the music.


Anonymous said...

It keeps getting better and better!

How about the album name, can you get it? And I would love to have a way to past that info anywhere I want.


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've tried Open Pandora (recommended from Lifehacker!) and when I launch it, the window sits on "Please wait, Pandora is loading..." forever.

Using Pandora within Firefox or Opera continues to work normally. I'd really like to use your app though. =(

Cody McComas said...

This is a great, great little program. I'm not sure who you are, but I just want to tell you that this is so well done. You have taken the greatness of Pandora and made it into an (almost) fully featured media player. I use it everyday. The concept and implementation is just great. Just offering a boost of encouragement, keep it up! I would love to help in anyway that I can.

Flavio said...

With global shortcuts i think it will be perfect! The same global shortcuts as winamp, if possible. Great job...

Anonymous said...

very cool. how about a preference to launch at startup?

Joel said...

Like the 2nd anon. user mentioned, the only thing I get is a stalled Pandora window, and then a message asking me to choose my default debugger.

Anonymous said...

If it's called OpenPandora, where's the source? Whats the license anyway? I'd like to use this on free operating systems with Mono!

Brian Q. said...

I get the error ".Net Framework 1.1 is required." What's the best way to go about installing that? Where do I get it?

sweef said...

If you have stalled window, wait a little more or try restart. Sometimes Pandora is slow in login.

If you have debugger message just answer no. It can be turned off:
"Debugger popups can be turned off from Internet Explorer.

Prior XP SP2:
Tools->Internet Options…->Advanced->Disable Script Debugging

On XP SP2:
Tools->Internet Options…->Advanced->Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
Tools->Internet Options…->Advanced->Disable Script Debugging (Other)"

I'll try to fix this in later release.

.Net framework can be downloaded from here:
and SP1 here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=A8F5654F-088E-40B2-BBDB-A83353618B38

About Open. OpenPandora will be in the future open source. Running with Mono is problem because of many windows dependencies, but porting is possible

Joel said...

Thanks--that got my problems all sorted out. The only thing I'm having trouble with now, though, is the Last.fm thing. None of the music I'm listening to via OpenPandora is showing up on Last.fm, despite the fact that I've put my username and password in in OpenPandora. Any thoughts?

sweef said...

Joel, send me an email to mailto:openpandora@gmail.com and I'll try to help you