20 September, 2006

Two days and a new version 0.6.1

Just released version 0.6.1 .

This version adds supports for Pandora paying users, option in installer to launch at startup and tools menu.

The first tool is "Copy info to clipboard". This tool will copy current played song information as displayed in the title to the clipboard.


Xial said...

Well, I find out about this last night, gave it a run as, which was nice.

It suffered from a problem on this Win2000 box:

I can't move the window.

I try this new version, and it too suffers from the same issue.

I added it to Blackbox's exclusion file, so that the UI doesn't try to skin it.

The scary thing is, if I have the OpenPandora window focused, its memory usage steps up by about 120 K a second. In fact, its current memory usage is greater than that of this copy of Firefox.

sweef said...

Pandora preloads next song while playing the current song,
so the mem size is constantly growing,
but when the song finishes the memory drops couple of megabytes,
and then start growing again.

Anonymous said...

I love this program man. You're doing an awesome job!

Ok, I hate to ask, coz I know you're doing this for free, but if you ever get the time, do you think you could add the what i'm listening to feature for google talk as well? Right now, it works for windows messenger, and it works beautifully.

Anyway, thanks for your effort in coming up with this nifty app!


Anonymous said...

Got a Problem.. When it loads and it gets to the second loading Screen it stops and goes to a Can Not Display this page screen.. Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Anonymous said...

Are you able to use Pandora from Internet Explorer? Is it a corporate network?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can get it to work in IE and firefox. And its my Home network.

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding the "launch at startup" feature! :D

Anonymous said...

Send me the screenshot to openpandora@gmail.com

sveno said...

I have a problem with 0.60 and 0.61 too. I get this window poping up when I launch open pandora or change stations. sometimes it opens twice in a row. Check out a screenshot at: http://www.mediahump.com/?h=23581

sweef said...

Try the 0.6.2 beta here http://openpandora.googlepages.com/download
Tell me if you still have this problem

sveno said...

awesome, gone now! sweet!