09 July, 2006

Quick fix for the problem

After latest changes from Pandora and the remote fix, there is new installer version 0.4.2 . I suspect there might be some other problems and I will address them later.


McKack said...

This is GREAT. I made a Pandora player in an AutoIt scripted GUI due to my lack of real programming skills, so in other words it didn't have any fancy features like send song information to messenger and all that. Well, no need to continue my project now:)

Could I make a request/tip to later releases though? Unless you've already thought of it. Possibility to customize the output of the song information, like in WinAmp where you have {artist} {song} {file} {originaltitle} and so on (made up tags)

sweef said...

I am always glad to hear new ideas.

N.A. said...

Just what I was looking for. ;)
BTW how do you get the current song/album names? Can you help me on that?

sweef said...

check on http://pandorafm.real-ity.com/ .

N.A. said...

can you send me a extract of the source code so i can understand how you call those functions?